There’s nothing like a change of scene to stimulate the creativity of children and get them ready for thought. Sea Swim will give your pupils a taste for the sea and free exercise. We’ll also show them new ways of looking at and thinking about the coast and their own imaginations.

Children love the beach, they love the sea, and it’s the perfect learning environment in which to meet your curriculum needs.

We offer schools opportunities to work with creative writers, visual artists, film-makers and sound artists, all with a focus on how art can engage children with their environment.

  • I saw a limpet with a thousand doors on its shell
  • I held a glittering stone
  • I broke a piece of polystyrene and the sound made me feel cold
  • I saw a building shedding its skin like a snake
  • I saw footprints like a map on the sand

Extract from Collective Poem by Gladstone Road Junior School, Scarborough, 2012